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They say there's "whipped and then there's Shwipped (Shanghai whipped)" -- okay, I just made that up, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was a real expression.

And that's not a stereotype, Shanghai husbands are consistently ranked the most henpecked in the country.

This is one of the main reason they are looking for younger guys to have fun in life.

Understanding what rich single women need is a must. What you need to do is to fulfill her needs, you will become her man.

Scott Schaffer of Blade Technologies visits the Fox 2 News Morning Show to explain some of the things We Chat does and if it’s a trustworthy app.

What you need to do is to register a profile at online dating sites. These dating scammers were banned off the site immediately for violating the term of use. After you have your profile approved at a Free Singles internet dating site, you can search for rich single women seeking men at that site.So, if you are a young man looking for a rich single woman, you can find her online at ease. They are either successful in the business or inherited a big money from the last divorce.I can tell you how to find her if you still don’t know. Anyway, they are rich, single, and looking for fun.The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said sexually explicit pictures and text, including nude photos and erotic animation, and stories of "one-night stands, wife-swapping, sexual abuse and other harmful information" will be subject to punishment.Public accounts that are found to be distributing vulgar content will be closed for a week on the first offense and permanently banned after four infractions, the CAC said.

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