Dating campagnolo brakes

Like Shimano's systems the brake is designed to use a minimal quantity of mineral oil, rather than the caustic DOT fluid favoured by SRAM.

With the master cylinder and corresponding bleeding port sitting vertically atop the lever, the front section of the hoods has grown slightly versus that on the mechanical shifter.

Last updated: Please note - for new model year (2018) information, please contact us at Velotech Cycling Ltd or, if outside the UK, refer to your local branch or to Campagnolo Italy.

The new Centaur 11, Potenza H11 and Chorus, Record and Super Record HO mechanical and HO EPS groupsets have some important differences and specific areas of compatibility that bicycle assemblers and early after-market adopters need to be aware of, which we have not yet had opportunity to transmit to smaller OEMs or CODE dealers / Pro Shops.

Q: What is the compatibility between 10speed and 11speed?

Legnano Roma Olimpiade w/1st generation Campagnolo crank set and matching pista pedals, 1962 Campagnolo large flange hubs, 27.0 mm Campagnolo seat post, Titan stem, Mafac Racer Dural Forge brakes, Campagnolo open C shifter levers. Note: the specs for Gitanes sold in different markets (France and continental Europe, the UK, the US and so on) can differ widely for the same or similar models so they are just a starting point. SF Bay Area, CA USA ============== 1984 Criterium 1969 Td F 1971 Td F 1974 Td F 1984 Td F x 2 Bikes 1970 SC 1971 SC 1972 SC 1984 SC 1984 Team Pro 1985 Professional 1990s Team Replica OK, I'll be less subtle. I have indeed perused through many of the catalogs.You, verktyg, in particular seem to have a far deeper knowledge than most. They are a good starting point, but some are missing and some are not US catalogs which, as you mentioned, can vary widely from the French ones.I know there are always exceptions to the rules, but it seems like there are enough generalities and enough experience to put some info together.We certainly have a good enough collection of bike photos to supplement. MDHas anybody thought of throwing together a how to on this?

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