Outlook 2016 meeting tracking is not updating with responses

When you initiate meeting requests, will receive many accepted meeting invitation responses that can clutter your mailbox.

To filter these incoming responses, you can create a rule that will automatically move them to a specified folder.

Disabling the tracking option can help protect you against spam requests and better control your own schedule.

Voting buttons work in all versions of Microsoft Outlook to let you easily collect responses to questions (e.g., where to have dinner or which image to put on a T-shirt).Since the majority of people use Outlook 2013 for business, sooner or later you’re going to have to deal with appointments and meetings.Lucky for you, Outlook 2013 has a robust calendar that integrates tightly with email to give you a trouble-free way to schedule not only appointments for yourself, but meetings that include others and even send out invitations to attendees.If you invite guests who respond using something other than Google Mail on the web (Apple Mail, Outlook, mobile devices), you may not always see a response.If you don't see guests' responses, ask them to respond by clicking on Yes, Maybe, or No in the email (or the Event details or more details link) For those responding in Outlook, try these suggestions to be sure the event creator will see your response: Outlook has a feature that shows a preview of your calendar in emails that invite you to events.

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