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Its origin seeds in targeting aggressive IPs while you use P2P. However the team is very small and with few spare time.

New contributors and/or collaboration with are welcome! Not only is its source code open for you to read, use, and modify - but the project is open for you to join and contribute in any form (code, documentation, bug reports, web and support).

It offers a selection of IP blacklists that can be subscribed to.

By default only the P2P blacklist is selected during setup.

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Regular updates of the blacklists are configured automatically with the option to change the frequency in the settings.One of the most negative aspects of file sharing and Internet surfing, in general, is that your privacy is never fully protected.When online, various organizations attempt to connect to your IP and steal personal information without you being aware of it.Smiley Here's just a small selection of the problems with this overhyped garbage: [ The Media Defender internal email leak offered plenty of information for the taking.Media Defender-Defenders said that they hoped that the email leak will prove to be a viable tool to protect against anti-P2P efforts. After the email leak, a text file that compiles the complete IP (Internet Protocol) list Media Defender used while dropping fake files onto various P2P sites and networks was posted.

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