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He compares them to an intelligent puddle of water that fills a hole in the ground.

The puddle is certain that the hole must have been designed specifically for it because it fits so well.

There’s an illustrated sign on the wall showing both a blowjob and a hand job.

The tour returns to Europe in September after more US dates beginning on August 29th at Tanglewood Music Center in Lenox, Massachussets.

The puddle exists under the sun until it has entirely evaporated.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (born 1969) AHA Foundation | Wikipedia Entry Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-Dutch feminist, writer and politician.

I see not a shred of evidence to suggest that there is one.

It’s easier to say that I am a radical Atheist, just to signal that I really mean it, have thought about it a great deal, and that it’s an opinion I hold seriously.’ In his final book, The Salmon of Doubt, published in 2002, Adams addresses people who believe that God must exist because the world so fits our needs.

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