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Databases holding information on over 22 million federal workers and their families were compromised in that seizure.The FBI responded with a move that left many experts concerned it would make U. citizens' data even more vulnerable: In testimony before Congress earlier this month, Bureau Director James Comey proposed that technology companies create "backdoor" entrances to their platforms in order to allow law enforcement to access the hidden data while protecting it from other intruders – at least in theory.The dating site’s database consists of 70% male and 30% female.Well, the odds sure are in favor of the female members.Today, it is considered as the world’s largest Social Networking Community of its kind.” Yes, it’s a site where you can date a person looking for some extra spice in their relationship or unsatisfied married life.In general, most men in this dating site are looking for sex, while the women are looking for the passion they are missing in their relationships.

You send her a message, and she responds, saying she wants to get to know you! But behind the guise of that sweet-sounding woman may actually be a man — a cybercriminal who only wants to get your phone number to scam you.

For about 37 million people this week, issues that may seem abstract – cybersecurity and the importance of privacy online – became a real-life concern in the blink of an eye.

A group of hackers called Impact Team breached the databases of Ashley Madison, an online dating site that caters to people who want to have affairs, and posted some of the stolen data online.

To start a conversation with a female member, a guy needs to pay for the credits that will be used to initiate the conversation.

Technically, the male members pay for every starting conversation with their credits.

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