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Hot cock isn't the only thing that can fit into a bottom's man pussy.

Sure, fisting can be a little bit dangerous - but this is the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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I'm a sexually voracious and highly experienced, well endowed 37yr old seeking real girls for … So, I'm wondering are there any girls out there who get as horny as I do when they're high and love having sex when they're 'on it'? Hi , as the title says I am looking for a want to be SLUT. Want to try new things and push your horizons with someone fun and knowledgeable?I know that before I had kids I was tight even though I had a healthy sex life.The idea of fisting was just like losing my virginity, major ouch!So each time I had him put more in and have the session prolonged.Eventually Four wasn't enough and I was wet enough to handle more.

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