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Bug Jam 31 Report Despite the promise of rain and wind, you climbed into your Campers and bundled into your Beetles by the thousand!

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You dip a piece of plastic into the water to get a sample and notice lots of small little particles in the droplets. The purpose of this article is to document my attempt. I did not refine the idea or do very much planning.A true VW festival in every sense of the word, with a vibrant and fun atmosphere, bringing to life the very essence of VW culture.Europe’s largest VW event incorporates an eclectic mix of all things VW, with drag racing, Run What Ya Brung, nightlife, Show & Shine, comedy, stunt displays, fun fair, massive trade village, autojumble and much more.Well, to tell you the truth, you can get a turtle in your aquarium too.Some other features this program gives you, except for the part that it gives you an aquarium with fishes that takes care of itself, no feeding, no cleaning and so on, is that the temperature scale on the right side shows the current CPU load.

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