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After a few weeks of salacious speculation about the possibility that the creature was the product of sexual intercourse between an animal and a human being, tests proved that it bore no human DNA.Upon arrival into China, ask your airline to notify customs in advance that you will be arriving with your pet to ensure that there is someone at the CIQ office.Creator Brooke Martin came up with the idea because she got upset when she was away from her dog, Kayla.“I felt so guilty that I had to leave her alone all day depressed by herself,” Martin told CBS News.Samantha Kedder, 24, has reportedly given birth to a litter of German Shepherd puppies after being hospitalized with severe stomach pains.Doctors were surprised to see Kedder go into labor, as she didn’t know she was pregnant. It’s both a marvel of modern medicine and extremely disturbing at the same time.” Kedder admits that while she was recently living at home, she would often have sex with the family dog, Jonsey, because she couldn’t find a date.“It was even more of a shock when three tiny puppies came out instead of a baby,” said Dr. Empire News carries a disclaimer stating that their content is satirical and “for entertainment purposes only.” Now8News makes no such admission, but given that their story appears to have been copied wholesale from Empire News with only a few minor changes, we needn’t trouble ourselves as to its authenticity.The Now8News version also includes an alleged photo of one of the half-human puppies which may appear familiar to regular readers: As we noted in a previous article debunking the spurious claim that the photo depicts a “goat-human hybrid baby” born in Alabama, the photo originated in news stories out of Malaysia reporting the birth of a goat with human-like features in April 2016.

Now8claimed in April 2017: Doctors at a Western Cape private hospital were surprised to see Kedder go into labor, as she didn’t know she was pregnant.After all, like those who bring the mail, neither rain nor sleet nor heat nor gloom of night deters the dog owner.On the other hand, the cat person enters into a longer contract, since cats generally live longer than dogs (though nowhere near as long as parrots, which is a whole other story).If you are arriving in other airports such as Shanghai or Guangzhou, you will need to provide the same documentations as required above, and the pets are required to under go a 30 days quarantine (the cost may vary).When you arrive, please ask the quarantine office at the airport.

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