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An evaluation of the background pollen suggests for the Birka specimen that honey was imported to the site from southern Baltic areas.The use of mead based on written sources is known at least from the Roman period.How else can we be expected to tolerate parent teacher conferences, and those friends that have already started the countdown to Christmas on Facebook (I’m looking at you, ). In my opinion, pumpkin should be in under a mound of Cool Whip, on a bed of flaky crust, and then once a year in my coffee.Having found myself in many bars, breweries, and restaurants lately, I decided to take the opportunity to go on a whirlwind autumn taste test by ordering “something seasonal—surprise me! ” And boy was RA right—this is the perfect app for my attention span.So throw on a sweater, put on your boots and let’s take an Autumnal Beverage Dating Tour!Black Bottle Brewery Cranberry Whiskey Sour (): This was my first step into the sport of seasonal drinking and it was a safe bet—much like my date.In that moment, as he gulped his glass of merlot, I felt adolescent as I sipped my cranberry and soda through a straw.

For those among us who haven't nailed down the right person yet, dating Web site How About We's got a nifty new project, One Million Dates.I’ve had to swipe left plenty, but I’ve swiped right enough times to find a few drinking companions that know more about beer than I do and also help me remember what stuff tastes like afterwards because fall drinking is full of hard liquor and memory impairment.Plus, it turns out that cocktails are often like blind dates—they can really go either way.Louis than in any other city.""Cupcakes are extremely popular in D. So are the other three, but since we are currently in fall, it’s the Most Important drinking season. I was sure this task would have me ingesting more pumpkin booze than anyone ever should, but I am thrilled to report this wasn’t the case.

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