Interracial dating television

But for a show that tries so earnestly to portray authentic diversity through the leads, one area is neglected: Dev’s leading ladies, who occupy a major part of the show’s narrative, are all white.As Dev says in the “Indians on TV” episode of Master of None, the rules of mainstream television dictate that there can be one minority on a show, but there can’t be two. This is nothing new: interracial pairings in popular culture still tend to necessitate one white person.In the 21st century, the way that race intersects with television remains a thorny issue.Television shows are rife with racial stereotypes, and African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups remain disproportionately underrepresented in network sitcoms and dramas.

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Is it a fair representation of today’s reality or is it being hyped up by mainstream media?Even if your friends are of different races and ethnicities than you.Did that last statement just make you uncomfortable — perhaps even cause you to cringe a little?In addition, interracial couples, once anomalies on television, are now featured routinely on TV shows.This overview of race on television highlights some of the ways TV has fallen short in its depiction of minority groups, and some of the improvements TV has made in this area over the years.

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