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" I could be singing tomorrow for survival, so, I just try to save my voice for singing." With another week of competition on the books, and two shocking eliminations Thursday evening, we had plenty of burning questions for the remaining contestants. Read on for the answers: How did Fifth Harmony feel about performing Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Stronger” in front of the songwriters?For instance, was that Emblem3 fan rush at The Grove, Los Angeles' shopping Mecca, for real? Dinah-Jane Hansen: "He didn't even tell us that it was going to happen, I heard [Simon Cowell] say that the songwriters, 'two of my best friends' were in the crowd, and I was like, ' Yeah.' I think we would have had more pressure if he told us before. I'm so glad he didn't tell any of us." PHOTOS: ' X Factor' Season Two: Meet the Contestants What did Tate Stevens think about Simon’s dig at his dance skills? I think I'm a pretty damn good dancer, man.’ I was just having fun, that was the goal tonight -- to go out and do what I do." Would Ce Ce Frey ever join another reality show?Indeed, the Huntington Beach-based trio were enjoying a Cinderella moment just 24 hours prior after their renditions of "Baby I Love Your Way" and "Hey Jude" earned the respect of their competitors and the judges alike."If this doesn't get you into the final, I don't know what will," proclaimed mentor Simon Cowell.Wesley: He’s made a path and it’s easier to go through that path until we are done with the competition. You know, people on the outside hate on me just as much as these judges do.Keaton: You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit. On Simon’s weekly brutal criticism: Ce Ce: I don’t know what to do to try and please that man, so I’m not even going to try.

Just stick along for the ride, and feel free to put your guesses in the comments! ;) If you are reading this story on any other platform other than Wattpad or AO3 you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. You danced the part of Clara in The Nutcracker for the first time when you were thirteen years old.

I don’t think Simon would try to do that because he’s a very smart person, but obviously One Direction worked out well. Drew: Simon knows what works, and has a good strategy. On Simon compromising to let them have some facial hair: Drew: You know, I actually talk to … I have a new Harley now but I’ll buy another one just because. On getting hated on by the judges and the audience: Ce Ce: I hear crap on the Internet all of the time.

Emblem3, on celebrating Wesley’s birthday this week: Drew Chadwick: We are going to take shots of Pedialyte. Even if that means us taking some heat for some of the songs, it’s going to reach out for bigger audience and get us more votes, and that’s what he’s trying to do. I shouldn’t read it, but I do because I’m curious and I want to see what, like, people on the outside think.

He had three children named Paris, Prince and Blanket.

are imitating Tate Stevens and “Livin’ On a Prayer,” hoping to not get surprisingly eliminated on Thursday night. ) Once again, girls were near-hyperventilation watching Emblem3, wishing Wesley a “Happy Birthday” during commercial breaks (surprisingly, no panties were thrown on stage), while Demi Lovato had a change of heart toward Fifth Harmony after they performed her single “Give Your Heart A Break.” Tate — unlike Mr.

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